Industrial Sewing Machine Used for All Kinds of Fabrices

Most sewing machines are designed for stitching thinner fabrics like cotton, polyester, silk and similar blends. However for industrial applications especially packaging and making protecting garments, covers, thicker fabrics and material like jute, gunny bags, plastic and paper coated fabric, and other similar materials are used. Since these materials are thicker, more force is required to make a hole in these materials which stitching. Hence, most companies have one or more industrial sewing machine which are designed for industrial applications like seaming to close bags.

industrial sewing machine


The industrial sewing machine has a heavy duty servo motor which is designed for providing adequate power required for stitching all kinds of material of thin, medium, and greater thickness. The lubrication system is integrated for smooth functioning. The machine has an insulated handle for easy and safe handling. It can be used for stitching a thick seam and it is easy to cut the thread after the stitching is complete. Lighting is included with the sewing machine so that it is easier to thread the machine and also monitor the stitching of the fabric. Since the machine is easy to operate, one person can operate it using one hand. A foot pedal is provided for controlling the position of the needle and fabric.


In many industrial applications like the agricultural, chemical, minerals, animal feed, food sector, the products are packed in sacks which are then closed before being dispatched to the customer. The industrial sewing machine is used extensively for seaming sacks of hessian, cotton, denim, heavy paper for the following applications:

  • rice
  • flour
  • chemicals
  • animal feed
  • fertilizers
  • charcoal
  • gravel
  • any other product

The machine is designed for continuous sewing for a long period of time, without its performance being affected. Hence, the industrial sewing machine is a versatile product which can be used for sewing all kinds of products.

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