The Different Ways Of Wearing Neck Gaiters

A neck gaiter is a versatile accessory, and it is not just for those who want to keep their necks cooled. And if you’re a person with neck pain or back problems, this is an ideal choice to wear for relief.

But aside from that, this apparel can also be used to cool or warm the head and is also utilized to cover the face, nose, and ears.

And if you’re interested to know more about this topic, then we suggest you go on reading as we are going to discuss the different ways of wearing neck gaiters in today’s blog post.


This is actually the most common usage of this gear. Just simply stretch it out and put it on your head like how you wear a t-shirt and place on the neck area to warm or cool this part of the body. Moreover, it can also serve as neck support to protect your neck during activities such as walking, climbing stairs, standing up, and exercising. This is also especially handy for people who are recovering from an accident.

Face Mask

A buff can be worn as a face mask by wearing it first like a scarf around your neck, then pull up one end of the fabric to cover your mouth and nose.

Also, it is important to note that buffs worn as face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic are not recommended by medical experts because the fabric won’t be able to block the virus when expelled from your mouth or nose (if you are an asymptomatic carrier) or if it’s already airborne.

Back Support

Neck gaiters are perfect for people who suffer from back problems, since they can keep the back warm while at work or performing physical exercise. In addition to that, they can also protect the person from injury caused by repetitive motion.

Many athletes, for example, like wearing gaiters during games to prevent themselves from getting injured while running or lifting weights.


Another way of wearing a neck gaiter is by using it as a headband. All you need to do is roll or fold the fabric and wear it within the area of your forehead to prevent sweat from dripping down your eyes and face. In the same way, it can be worn as such to keep your hair from your face while engaging in sports.


If your hair is long and you need to keep it in place as you work and play, all you need to do is get your neck gaiter and use it as a scrunchie to wrap around your hair like that of a ponytail.


Place the buff on one of your arms and wrap it on your wrist until it fits comfortably. This can serve as an easy way for wiping sweat off your face and also to improve blood circulation on your arm.

Overall, these are just some of the different ways of wearing neck gaiters. Of course, there are more ways of wearing this gear that you can discover for fashion and function.

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